When Tes talks to So about the importance of focus, he does it identifying the mental noise as a distorting element. He defines mental noise as those superfluous and uncontrolled thoughts generated in the most primitive part of our brain (in charge of warning and keeping us vigilant in the face of the surrounding danger which could be easily fatal).

Today, we do not need that our mind holds us in a state of warning, and such ancestral mechanism —still incorporated in our bodies— has lost its way and is dedicated to hammer us with low messages which add nothing but distract us from our goals. It is curious that such portion of our brain that was created to save us, now is devoted to plunge us… those are the collateral effects of evolution.

On top of all this, besides the internal misleading of each of us, we have to add the current trend or obsession for connectivity and immediate communication, which is the external misleading that we also “enjoy”.

Either way, our day to day brings us to be attentive to several matters simultaneously (both internal and external), which leads us to such waste of energy and decrease in the quality of results for we are not, and will not ever, be able to multitasking simultaneously. We work poorly under constant interruption.

The focus, understood as the ability to center our attention (reflection, action) on one single task for enough time to allow reaching conclusions or progress, is an element that should be present in the basic kit of a person’s growth. Our energy is not unlimited, let’s learn how to focus.

Thoughts from “Autenticidad”, the latest book by Fran Chuan.

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