AUTHENTICITY, a matter of coherence

We have come to the end of the newsletters of year 2019 and we have the feeling that there remains very little for us to say.

Everything we had to share about the leader’s AUTHENTICITY has been mentioned in the messages of prior eleven months. Now is time to conclude, and what we want is to stop focusing on the pieces of the puzzle and move away to watch the authentic leader.

What we perceive is the light shining through the gloom. We trust that in our personal and professional world more lights turn on until the darkness that sometimes makes us feel sorrow, fades away.

Actually, authenticity is a matter of looking inside and then … only coherence.


We are honored with your presence, your company and your questioning each, and every line written for you. It’s both a luxury and a challenge for us.

May you have a very happy 2020 with your beloved ones, and … don’t forget to take care of yourself too.

Thoughts from “Autenticidad”, the latest book by Fran Chuan.

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