What is this about generosity? And … what does it have to do with innovation?

To innovate is to be generous because:

  • It is to be open to other criteria.
  • It is being permeable to other points of view.
  • It is willing to give without receiving anything in return (although it is well known that generosity always returns in one way or another).
  • It is to assume roles that do not have to fit directly with our hierarchical position. In innovation projects, hierarchies do not count.
  • It is being flexible.
  • It is to show our multiple faces.
  • It is to open to others.
  • It is “lowering the guard” and being willing to receive feedback, to improve in our day to day and even to “unlearn” to learn habits, techniques … new or different.

consultoria innovacion

In short, entrepreneurs – be they corporate or not – who wish to innovate must be willing to leave their ego at the door of the office every day and open themselves to the ambiguity of unexplored lands…

For generosity generates complementarity, commitment, trust … What side effects of generosity!

And all this traveling with others, for innovation is a community issue!