Fran Chuan lecturer

In my conferences, I deal with different topics related to the environment
of Culture of Innovation and Authentic Leadership.
These are the ones that I propose:

Leadership, Culture and Innovation

Three very used words, but … what are your keys? Do we really know how to combine them?

Leadership, culture and innovation are three mantras that are on everyone’s lips. Do we know what we mean by each of these concepts when we put them together in the same message? Do we know what theirr keys are, how to combine them and what benefits (or risks) does an appropriate (or erroneous) combination entail?

Leadership today. Authentic leadership

Lead with questions, NOT with answers, and from Authenticity.

Is it possible to stimulate the best out of our collaborators while not being coherent between what we think, say, do and feel? To be authentic is to be coherent in order to connect with others and encourage them, also, to be authentic in their life and their professional activity. If the innovation is where we do not have answers today: we need questions, good questions. What would happen if we stimulated everyone to explore with curiosity and to generate questions?

What we expect from leaders is to stimulate innovation by using open questions and being agile in managing the answers.

Leading Cultures of Innovation

The 9 + 1 fundamental skills of the leaders of Cultures of Innovation.

Culture is the reflection of leadership. Just by observing what leaders spend time and resources on we can deduce a lot about the culture of an organization.

Given the decision to stimulate a Culture of Innovation, do we know what kind of skills our leaders should have?

It is essential to know the 9 + 1 skills that the leader must have to develop an authentic Culture of Innovation.

Everything we know today about the Cultures of Innovation

Characteristics of innovation cultures, and they are not opinions!

Around us there is a lot of talk about the Cultures of Innovation, but … what does the data we have collected over these 14 years about Culture of Innovation in organizations tell us? Can we quantify and process the world of the Culture of Innovation?


Innovation Sandbox

Steps to take to create an environment that stimulates and accelerates innovation.

In our organizations, we often see how little is invested in the hard part, very expensive consultants and gurus are hired, successful startups are bought, etc. but we cannot root innovation in our culture.

Why do we fail so often trying to create innovative cultures?