Transformation without predictive analytics

A few months before he passed away, Clayton Christensen said at an interview in November 2019, that we are trained to select data, analyse it and make decisions; however, data  belongs to the past. We have no data of the future at all. Some decades ago, when the velocity of transformation of the environment was […]

Fishing in troubled waters

The culture affects the entire organization, even in some divisions or departments alternative subcultures are created; finding them and knowing how to transform them increases the value of our organizations. 

What do innovation, M&A, ERP implementation and total quality have in common?

At first sight it could look like such four concepts do not have very much to do with one another. Yet, each of these have a profound impact on the organization culture. You may recall  Peter Drucker’s famous statement: «Culture eats any change for breakfast».   As we all know,  the cultural resistance to change is […]

What this teleworking thing is?

Teletrabajar es mucho más que tener ordenador y wifi. Implica disponer del software eficiente en el proceso de datos y plataformas estables de conexión.

Boredom awakens creativity

Boredom awakens creativity For the vast majority of us, the usual way for a long time was that the physical working spaces were different from those for our personal life. The lockdown to which we have been submitted has arisen some confusion within us. We are no longer able of differentiating what belongs to one […]

Today is April 28, 2021

In times of uncertainty and ambiguity, velocity is not good; however, agility and adaptability are indispensable.


Those who reinvent themselves and quickly fit into the new reality will be who lead the market tomorrow.


The culture of an organization is what determines the capacity for transformation and the efficiency in obtaining results.


Tim Brown, CEO at IDEO -one of the most respected design and innovation companies worldwide- always refer to the fact that we should allow people to take risks. You know, better to ask for forgiveness rather than permission. Do you want an innovative organization? Let them be wrong “If you want a creative organization that’s […]