We see a lot we look a little

Putting into action curiosity, imagination and creativity is quite easy and conveys an extraordinary impact on our life quality, both personally and professionally.

The most efficient and innovative organizations usually encourage said three human talents permanently and consciously. However, there are also individuals and organizations that do not look at the world with childhood curiosity, neither they imagine options other than those they know already; consequently, they do not activate the creativity that is required to reach such “different worlds”.

The difference between seeing and looking.

We constantly see things (landscapes, objects, people, etc.) but, do we look and capture the details?

For instance, we can see the red light and activate automatically the protocol that corresponds to the color that is flashing at that time, yet, what would happen if we consciously stimulate the fact of looking that red light? i.e., that we actually looked at it. Perhaps we would discover some features that had not detected previously such as the material it is made of, the lighting by a traditional light bulb or some novelty technology, the clarity with which it can be seen or not, regardless of the day light, etc.

This small exercise applied not to a red light but to our daily experience in our organizations has led us to significant results; it has helped to discover what was behind the routines, what had room for improvement, what was no longer useful, what could take us to another level of efficiency or innovation.

This is a tiny exercise, a minor occurrence of everything else we can do for our organizations to become spaces for more creativity, thus increasing the level of commitment and awareness of people.

My invitation to you is to try it a couple of times, don’t tell anyone, focus on everyday things and analyze what feelings arise, both reflections and discoveries in your attitude and mood.

I’d love to hear your outcome.

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