The best leaders will be those who assume new lessons

Many lessons can be drawn from the exceptional circumstances we are currently living; however, I would like to focus on one that is fully applicable to the business world: the past and future perspective to act in the present.

We can learn a lot from the past if we extract the essence. The last pandemic SARS of 2020 left some lessons to the leaders of countries affected: prevention as an obsession for future and unknown diseases or plagues, and measurement and data collection to provide agile responses. This has positioned them much better in face of current Covid 19 pandemic, being faster and more proactive in their actions, and anticipating the events. 

We can imagine the future, either as a utopia or dystopia. Yet, we cannot help but defining and building it, even as a reflection. The way we do it should be explicitly and fragmented, not generically. 

When we cross such explicit future against the lessons learned, we have many clues available to define our way, our roadmap. 

This is the reason of the title of this text. Let us analyze our latest decisions; How much explicit learning do they incorporate? What is the future they are helping to build? 

Naturally, I’m talking about team-oriented leaders not directors. One single person, no matter how smart and clever may be, will never be above the collective intelligence. Thus, the main function of the leader is to generate such collective mindset that envisions potential future limitations of the organization and thus design action plans together to overcome them, based on the learnings but looking ahead. 

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