Let’s imagine a world where the capacity to offend or feeling offended didn’t exist, where we could communicate fearless of double meanings or misunderstandings, with no fear of ridicule. Many of us would express freely and with an open and outspoken tone.

This is what we pursue with assertiveness. To get it, it is fundamental to create a reliable environment where our transparent and direct manner to express ourselves is appreciated. It is important that our assertiveness goes along with empathy and cordiality. Paradoxically, the assertive communication, helps to build such trusted environment.

Benefits of assertiveness go beyond the apparent direct benefits. When we are assertive, not only we are expressing with clarity what we think and feel (remember the key points of authenticity: coherence between what we think, say, do and feel), but we are generating in our interlocutors the confidence on the foreseeability of our speech.

Another added benefit from exercising a sound assertiveness is that it is spread around us. Assertiveness generates self-esteem, gratification to express oneself with honesty and makes us feel comfortable. Such comfort passes to the others next to you and they also feel comfortable with you… the contagion has been seeded!

We know the leader’s manners are spread. Leader! watch out your manners. You will have to be the way you want your team to be.

Thoughts from “Autenticidad”, the latest book by Fran Chuan.

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