Humbleness. The missing piece to construct the anti-executive, the anti-hero of this leadership movie that we all believed having seen hundreds of times and now is changed for the benefit of innovation.

Until now, we believed that humbleness was useful only for quiet and efficient positions, for people who had to obey their superior’s decisions (it may be that we were confused between humbleness and submission?). Yet, now we see how humbleness goes up on the scale of values of a good leader. Disturbing.

At certain point in the book, So says to Tes: “I am a pure breed executive, raised in the school of life, used to survive in the jungle of business and I want to keep being an executive at large corporations. To So, humbleness is not a tool that may help him to reach his goal, quite the opposite.

Tes insists on the vital importance of incorporating humbleness in the way of doing of the leader, why? Because humbleness will help us to get interested in listening to our own team and will allow us to create the adequate climate to share comfortably each one’s points of view. With humbleness we will be able to pose questions which answers may expand our knowledge to make better and more consensual decisions. And yet, this will not be enough.

Because it is not only valid posing good questions to our team, but also, doing our best so answers do not hit our arrogance shields and that, is only achieved with humbleness.

Thoughts from “Autenticidad”, the latest book by Fran Chuan.

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