Quite often our spoken communication works in automatic mode. We feel at ease in a world of expressions and idioms, of traditional conversations and stereotypical contents.

After all the hard work done to reach this point in pursuit of our authenticity —we have given some considerable thought on our values, purpose, focus and the origin of our happiness; we have delved deep into the development of empathy, assertiveness and humility— we cannot wreck it due to a unconscious communication.

Thus, to end our journey towards authenticity, we want to remark that we must be very mindful for our language not to betray us. That is why we recommend the use of labels, epithets and expressions that really express what we are thinking and feeling.

From all reflections and tasks exposed, this is the simplest one: it is about simplifying our language, undress it from everything that is superfluous. We should use only the proper words for the intended meanings.

But the effort should not be detracted; keep in mind that unlearning, dismantling formulas that form part of us such as our own skin, requires paying close attention to something that we do today on automatic mode.

The exercise that can help us in this process is to practice the use of the silence in our conversations. Sometimes is as easy as stop talking at the right time.

Thoughts from “Autenticidad”, the latest book by Fran Chuan.

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