The first one of the four reflections that help us to strengthen our AUTHENTICITY invites us to work on the values; our values as person, as an individual. In fact, in the section of reflections we are going to forget everything that is beyond our own self. We forget the team, the organization, the environment that goes over and above our skin.

As Jay Rao says in the book preface: «The hardest of such decision was related directly to my personal dedication: how did I want to spend my time and money. This is what the “values” of an individual consist of. The values are not what we say but how we spend, for instance, our time and money».

It may call our attention that we pursue something as intangible as our values through something so prosaic as how we spend our time and money.

The key is in the sentence: «Values are not what we say». This should be the first step in our reflection: suspect of ourselves, prove ourselves, get to the bottom of our decision-making mechanism. We are not what we pretend to be and would like to be, we are just what we are. And our actions are what allows us to stretch the thread to be sure of what we are. Our actions and the sensations they make us feel: what is what we do that makes us feel good, and what makes us feel uncomfortable.

Being aware of what are our pillars is vital to our emotional health and to advance as a person toward the AUTHENTICITY.

Thoughts from “Autenticidad”, the latest book by Fran Chuan.

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