We face the eternal dilemma: money or happiness? Should companies be concerned about the emotional state of their associates? Or their priority should be focused on the statement of account?

We must not fall into the trap; we do not have to prioritize between money or happiness. In fact, in such case it is better adding than selecting. Our priority must be focused on two concepts: results and happiness.

If the word happiness rises any concern, maybe we could change it by another one that makes us feel more comfortable: fulfillment, soundness, serenity, well-being…; but let’s not forget that this is about emotions, ours as leaders who want to be authentic. It’s time that we learn to discuss about happiness.

Tes proposes in this chapter that to improve the outcome (results) of any business (whether commercial or private, economic or emotional), happiness of leading people impacts directly the mood of their associates; therefore, the excellence of expected results.

What’s the meaning of happiness for each of us? How do we reach such blissful state? Tes shows us some examples and mentions simple things, having more room for personal disconnection: playing sports, cooking, sharing…

This is the fourth and last reflection in Tes’ list that will lead us to Authenticity. Having reached the conclusions in the three prior reflections and putting them into work also condition our happiness. Because, it is all about adding not selecting. The four reflections together add more than four. Well, it’s always the same thing, but it is just that we forget it.

Thoughts from “Autenticidad”, the latest book by Fran Chuan.

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