As you are aware, Jay Rao and I have been searching over many years to understand the machinery that moves those organizations which, whether on a natural or learned way, have developed an Innovation Culture.

There are multiple influencing factors; however, there is a common point in all such organizations that is quite relevant: the leadership style.

Leaders are responsible for “the way of being and doing” of the organization; therefore, of their culture, and whether it is prone or not to innovation it shall depend largely on how their leaders are.

And it is here where we must insist, we are talking about the way of being and doing of leaders, not about what they say, neither of what they transmit in writing.

We learn from what we see around; we mimic, mainly from those who have influence on us. We do it this way since our very tender age, effortless and without even realizing it; and when they say something that does not match with what we see, a sense of mistrust and detachment arises inside us.

There is no way for us to disregard the natural flow of learning and communication.

This year, from our Newsletter, we want to focus upon the style of leadership that best suits the Innovative Culture. We want you to make the right choice an take the right way forward to the innovative organization by itself, for its own culture.

This 2019 we shall dissect the AUTHENTICITY-based leadership style.

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