In the corporate world, very often we as directors focus on results.  However, in order to exercise an authenticity-based leadership, we must imprint a substantial change in such paradigm:  the focus should not be the result but the consequence.

The consequence of an authentic way of being as leaders, and to this effect, we must find the coherence among what we think, say, do and feel.

Such coherence -what we call authenticity– affects directly and positively our surrounding; our relationships, both with internal associates as with suppliers and clients, unfold within a trust framework that facilitates business opportunities, and therefore, results.

During the conversation between So and Tes throughout “Autenticidad”, the latter recommends So to make a reflection on a list of concepts that are basic and essential to develop the authenticity.

This list is made up by 4 reflections that invite us to get an in-depth personal knowledge, followed by 4 tools focused on how we relate with our associates.  Both the reflections and tools will allow us to display our authenticity as leaders.

In our fable, So finds himself in this frame of mind of personal and professional turmoil that does not leave him other option but to delve into the reflection and learning.

What does it take to turn our life upside and down so we undertake this path?

Thoughts from “Autenticidad”, the latest book by Fran Chuan.

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