Just as assertiveness, which we’ll address in next news, is a concept that seems distant, kind of rude and grumpy, empathy is gentle and positive, it enjoys a good press. Perhaps, that is why we suppose it is harmless and do not pay enough attention to it.

Nothing could be more untrue, beware of empathy!

We often take for granted that we are being empathetic with our surrounding and do not understand why said surrounding does not return loads of empathy back to us. When you think this way, maybe your empathy is not as good as you believe.

Let’s make it clear: empathy is an outgoing concept; we should not expect anything in return in the same form. Empathy is not asked but given. And it should be unconditional and unquestionable.

That said, remember the link between empathy and leadership based on authenticity: aligning both, the target and encouraging people towards it, is not enough as an inspiration for your team; you must get to know your people pretty well, understand what moves them and why do they act as they do (only empathy will get you closer to such comprehension).

When you get it, you will be surprised of how much you can learn from your team; of how much they know about your products, your own business and you don’t.

When you get it, it is likely that “your” goal (theirs and yours) is modified versus the initial version and becomes more reachable. Maybe, motivation will flow more naturally.

Ow, the empathy!

Thoughts from “Autenticidad”, the latest book by Fran Chuan.

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