Leveraging crises for transformation

How to measure our transformation?
How do you measure whether you are transforming or “being transformed”?
What are the organization’s cultural brakes and accelerators for adaptation?

Crises alter the orders and rules that governed us up to that moment. Therefore, just as tectonic movements shape new mountain ranges, crises shape new market and business landscapes.
And the most agile, but not the fastest, organizations are the ones that best transform themselves and take advantage of these new scenarios.

The organizations that transform the most do so by evolving their value proposition, and therefore, where do revenues take them?

Therefore, a very good indicator of an organization’s transformation is its innovation indicators.

As well as the organizational culture is evolving.

Crossing both indicators is to have a very accurate pulse of how we are doing and how we are evolving.

What will you take away from this conference?

What skills will you refresh with this conference?

What are the Accelerators and Brakes of your Culture?

Attitudes and Aptitudes of Transformational Leaders

How to detect the characteristics of your organization to improve in order to take advantage of crises?