Leading trends

We will learn the characteristics of trends, and therefore how to detect them, even before they consolidate into new habits. And, consequently, be in a better position to anticipate and grow.

Trends are not something sudden or only within the reach of a few.

The needs have been the same since ancient times (health, food, shelter, transportation, education, security, etc.), therefore, although the questions are still the same, the answers have changed radically, and such is the radical nature of the change in the answers that, clearly today, the most expensive phrase that can be heard in an organization or from an individual is “we have always done it this way”.
In fact, the most important competitive advantage in today’s extremely fast-moving, turbulent environment is to learn more nimbly than the market transformations themselves.

What will you take away from this conference?

What skills will you refresh with this conference?

How to stimulate, in everyone, the observation of the environment to detect changes. 

The productivity of slowness

The power of shared curiosity and imagination

Humor and positivism, not optimism, as sources of inspiration

How to measure whether you are a generator or “surfer” or a trend follower