To create the culture of innovation in a company we propose to follow four fundamental steps that we know as the DACS method:

  1. Demystify innovation. Innovation is not a matter of technology, nor is it the exclusive patrimony of Silicon Valley, Singapore, or any other mythologized geographic area. Innovation is much more characteristic of the culture of organizations than of the culture of a territory, and therefore it happens where it happens, and the first step to achieve it is to believe that it is within our reach.
  2. Aligning concepts. We all talk about innovation, but for everyone it means something different. It is essential that all the people of all the departments of an organization agree on the concepts, that they have a Lingua Franca. It is not for nothing that companies do not innovate, it is the people who make up the company who innovate.
  3. Concretize. This is the most time-consuming step. It consists of establishing the starting point. And for this it is necessary to know ourselves, to establish the bases. In the case of business innovation, a diagnostic tool such as InnoQuotient is extremely useful in diagnosing the innovation culture and transforming it to make it sustainable over time.
  4. Systematize. The last step is to apply in a rigorous and disciplined way the great mantra “think big, act small”, which is difficult to find organizations that apply it, because we tend to act big. And to which we add “communicate in fine rain … and only facts” so as not to generate unnecessary cultural resistance.

Benefits of the culture of innovation in a company

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