cultural transformation

How cultural transformation begins with curiosity

“Engineer fascinated by the potential latent in human attitudes. Passionate about Innovation”.

It’s time for Human Resources managers (which, let’s be honest is a terrible name for it!) to transform from being ‘people managers to ‘curiosity facilitators’. Their goal should be to encourage the creativity that we all have within us.

However, to spot talent in their organizations and help individuals to express their full potential, we need to be able to measure and diagnose. Instead of using subjective intuition, we need real data and a complete picture of the strength and weakness of a company culture before beginning that all-important process of transformation.

What is innovation?

Curiosity, imagination and creativity are the starting points of innovation. Stimulating your team’s curiosity means asking them to begin by looking for problems, not answers. What difficulties are we facing? What challenges are around the corner? What emerging trends have we missed? Curiosity is individual. But the innovative response to a problem comes from a team. We resolve problems together.

Innovation is the consequence of transformation. As an engineer I‘m constantly asked by companies to help them in their digital transformation. My response? “Forget about digital transformation. The important thing is ‘cultural transformation.” The first problem I face when I speak to a company is that there is no specific definition of what ‘transformation’, or even, what ‘digital’ means.  Digitalization is just a means to an end. It isn’t a goal in itself. So, let’s begin by asking ourselves the following questions: do we really want to change? What do we want to change? What’s is the purpose of the change? And, how we will measure our transformation?

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