How to build a successful innovation culture in your company

Cultura innovadora exitosa

Cómo construir una cultura innovadora exitosa en tu empresa ¿Sabes cómo construir una cultura innovadora exitosa en tu empresa? No hay dos culturas empresariales iguales, ya que cada organización tiene la suya propia.  La cultura empresarial es el conjunto de valores, creencias, prácticas y comportamientos compartidos dentro de una organización. La cultura influye en la […]

When Innovation is not welcomed

“I don’t know if I like less the ad or the car.” Thus, with this display of disdain and contempt, the protagonist of the famous television series Mad Men (Don Draper) refers to a press announcement created by a competitor advertising agency. His is an attitude of resistance to something new and different that he […]

How to make our Culture of Innovation sustainable?

cultural transformation

How to make our Culture of Innovation sustainable? Expertise comes into play. Knowing how to calculate the course of our actions. Controlling the impact of our movements. Matching it with the right piece in the right place. The complexity of our task requires strategy. And forecast. And tenacity. The goal to achieve deserves the effort. […]

Generosity and Innovation

What is this about generosity? And … what does it have to do with innovation? To innovate is to be generous because: It is to be open to other criteria. It is being permeable to other points of view. It is willing to give without receiving anything in return (although it is well known that […]

Innovate or you make excuses

Innovate or you make excuses   When a company or team decides to incorporate innovation into their day to day, which happens more and more frequently, they face a “something” that catalyzes nervousness and doubts in the face of uncertainty or indeterminacy. This something is called the self-excuse. Incorporating a new habit into our routine […]

Culture and Innovation


Culture and Innovation Actually, the two terms of the title are much more complex than we all initially believe. And they create many more misunderstandings than we could initially think. In fact, we think that a great effort that every organization should make is to guarantee that all its members have the same understanding of […]